Mustard Greens with Golden Beets and Daikon

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For such a simple dish, this has amazing flavor and texture contrasts. The root vegetables are cooked together first, with a little sesame oil, salt, mirin, and sriracha…. Read More »

From Fringe to Cutting Edge

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A recent article in the Washington Post trumpets the rise of veganism in America as a mainstream phenomenon. Apparently 1% of the population is now on the veganwagon–including… Read More »


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This is a bit unfair of me, I know–it’s well past the season for these majestic citrus fruits, so it’ll be pretty much impossible to find any until… Read More »


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Check this out: Looks like a terrific film. I can attest that simply by cutting animal products from my diet, and reducing my intake of refined products to… Read More »

What? Chicken-philia is supporting homophobia?

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Petitions by|Start a Petition »  I’d say the factory farming of animals (chickens in particular) is a far greater threat to civilization than gay marriage could ever… Read More »

Everyone Eats Vegan

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During my very brief stint in sales, I learned a little bit about getting past people’s objections, and since my book Speed Vegan came out, I’ve had ample… Read More »

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