Speed Vegan Makes the "Top 12 Healthy Cookbooks of 2010!"

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New Hope 360, the publishers of Delicious Living magazine, have this to say in their lineup of the Top 12 Healthy Cookbooks of 2010 (Speed Vegan is #7):… Read More »

I’m calling it "Sprouts, Shoots & Leaves."

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Salad of pea shoots, daikon sprouts,  mung bean sprouts, spicy sprout mix,  julienned carrot, sliced Tuscan kale  and scallions, with a spicy miso-lime dressing. 

Staying Out of Boxes

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I had agreed to meet my wife at her office Christmas party last Friday night, at a place called “Fox & Hound.”  The name had pretty much tipped… Read More »

Dinner Last Night:

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Quinoa-Carrot Timbale with Zucchini and Onions I know it’s a bit lame to post a photo and no recipe, but the truth is, I don’t have one for… Read More »

Dinner a Few Nights Ago

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Buckwheat with Portobello Mushrooms, Onions and Miso Drop 1 1/2 cups buckwheat into about 4 cups of boiling salted water and cook at a brisk simmer for 15… Read More »


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I’m an omnivore. At least I have been. For 30 years I was a private chef to the rich and famous. When people asked me what my specialty… Read More »

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